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Testing result comparing: LVT, WPC & Rigid Vinyl Flooring
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SPC Vinyl Flooring ,also called Rigid Vinyl Flooring                                                                                                                       The Structure of SPC / Rigid Flooring
1. UV Coating Layer
2. Wear Layer
3. PVC Deco Layer
4. Semi-hard PVC Layer
5. Hard SPC Layer
6. Soft PVC Balanced Layer
The Characteristics of SPC Flooring
1.Good Dimension stability
2.High Peeling Resistance
3.Embossed in Registered
4.Little Noise when walking on
5.Changeable Climate, Eternal Planks
The Soft PVC Balance Layer has put an end to the warping and distortion and improved the features of waterproof, heat and sound insulation. With its good function and flexibility, the comfortable residential environment has been guaranteed.

Here follows is the testing result of 3 types vinyl floorings

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